ManpowerGroup Announces Recruitment Outsourcing Partnership

Canberra, Australia — April 27

ManpowerGroup announced a new contract worth at least $400 million over five years for recruiting services to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The new contract renews ManpowerGroup’s recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) collaboration with the ADF for the next five years.

The contract covers the entire recruiting process — marketing, recruiting operations, medical and psychological assessments and the coordination of selection boards and employment offers. The ADF first partnered with ManpowerGroup in 2003 to create the Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) contract.

The private-public collaborative effort was an industry first and continues to evolve into its second decade.

The DFR engagement is managed from its own headquarters and includes a candidate relationship management center and 16 national recruiting centers. More than 20,000 to 40,000 candidates are processed annually for the Australian Navy, Army and Air Force.

Under the new contract, beginning in November, ManpowerGroup will continue to manage the complex RPO program for the next five years. If successful in exceeding the ADF’s outcome-based requirements, the contract can grow to 10 years. ManpowerGroup will manage two major subcontractors, Corporate Health Group Defence (CHG Defence) for the provision of medical services, and Hewlett-Packard (HP) for ICT services.

In this initiative, ManpowerGroup manages recruiting services for the ADF. DFR is an integrated organization of personnel from the ADF, the Australian Public Service, ManpowerGroup, Corporate Health Group Defence and Hewlett-Packard.

The ADF’s complex requirements include a range of roles, high-quality standards and the quantity of recruits required. The number can exceed 10,000 new entrants annually. DFR recruits more than 300 different job types for permanent and part-time officers, sailors, soldiers and airmen/women. Specialist roles such as engineers, technicians, doctors, legal professionals and pilots are included.

Source: ManpowerGroup