The Week That Was

Were you too busy to get your Talent Management fix this week? No worries, these were the top 5 stories on this week.

1. Resume ‘Black Holes’ Could be Costly: Many employers fail to adequately follow up with job applicants, according to a recent study. This lack of communication leaves job seekers frustrated and angry — and the consequences could be costly. Talent Management editor Frank Kalman has the story.

2. Five Tips to Make Coaching More Effective: Coaching aids knowledge transfer from impending retirees to young up-and-comers, enabling companies to remain competitive. Consider this checklist to get your coaching program off the ground or revamp it, writes Matthew J. Ferguson, practice manager at ESI Consulting Services, ESI International.

3. Five Steps to Select a Talent Management System: Companies shouldn’t let a poorly performing talent management system lead to talent gaps and decreased ROI. If it’s time for a change, here are some tips to help, writes Marcel Messier, president and chief operating officer at talent management services provider Technomedia.

4. How to ‘Millennialize’ the Office: Creating an open and flexible workspace is essential to attracting top millennial talent, but you don’t have to break the bank on a complete office redesign, writes Talent Management editor Frank Kalman.

5. Relationship Building Is the Future of Recruiting: Early candidate identification via spring break programs or internships enables organizations to form relationships with students long before they are recruited, writes Talent Management editor Deanna Hartley.