TribeHR Expands Social HR Software Suite to Include Workplace Culture

Boston — April 3

TribeHR, a social human resources software suite, announced the expansion of its online service to support company values and social goals. TribeHR’s new release expands its suite to better help organizations develop and support a strong workplace culture.

“Great companies are built around strong cultures, but the tools to manage and measure culture in the workplace were unavailable to small and medium businesses until now,” said Joseph Fung, TribeHR’s CEO.

TribeHR’s latest release allows a company to document, showcase and reinforce its guiding principles and core strengths. Once a company has defined its values, all employee activities, goals and social actions are automatically linked back to them, allowing employee behaviors and activities to be publicly recognized and celebrated.

The TribeHR platform securely stores this information for access by employees and managers, making it instantly available for use during performance reviews.

TribeHR’s new version also supports social goals, which allow individual goals to be shared with other employees in a company. Comments are stored and success is tracked, enabling managers and co-workers to follow and recognize progress in real-time.

Source: TribeHR Corp.