Cornerstone OnDemand Launches Recruiting Cloud

Santa Monica, Calif. — March 29

Cornerstone OnDemand announced the release of the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud, which seeks to act as an end-to-end talent management service that helps organizations manage the entire employee lifecycle — from hiring through retirement.

The Recruiting Cloud will seek to allow organizations to:

• Manage job requisitions.
• Post jobs across both traditional job boards and social networks.
• Create internal career centers and external career sites.
• Manage and enhance employee referral programs.
• Identify existing employee connections with candidates.
• Quickly assess candidate skills and competencies.
• Collaborate with hiring managers and employees throughout the screening process.
• Search and compare internal and external candidates.
• Build ongoing talent pools.
• Onboard new hires and accelerate time to productivity.

The Recruiting Cloud is fully integrated with Cornerstone’s existing learning and talent management software suite. It was built using Cornerstone’s pure-cloud, multi-tenant architecture, leveraging a common platform, workflow engine and reporting and administration model.

The Recruiting Cloud capitalizes upon Cornerstone’s global ecosystem of strategic alliances to extend the service’s capabilities, including resume parsing, job posting and distribution, and background screening.

In addition, the Recruiting Cloud leverages Facebook’s social graph and LinkedIn recruiting services’ “Apply with LinkedIn” capabilities, as well as digital interviewing with HireVue.

Source: Cornerstone OnDemand