Report: Women Trump Men in Long Hours, Compensation Satisfaction

Boston — March 27

Women work longer days and report working more often on vacation than their male counterparts and also report greater perceived satisfaction with their compensation, according to new data released in theFIT’s “Report on Workplace Culture.”

Fifty-four percent of women report working nine or more hours a day, compared to 41 percent of men, according to the report, which includes survey data from more than 5,000 U.S. employees.

TheFIT is a career site that debuted last month for job seekers and those who are happily employed. Developed by Bullhorn Inc., theFIT seeks to help candidates get inside the heads of current or prospective co-workers by asking questions that reveal the true story of a workplace.

Other key findings in the report:

• Although 91 percent of respondents confine their working hours to five days each week, nearly 50 percent claim to work more than eight hours each day.

• Fifty four percent of women report working nine hours or more a day, compared to 41 percent of men.

• On vacation, 65 percent of respondents said they do some amount of work.

• Women are slightly more willing to work on their vacations than men.

• Of respondents who reported receiving a bonus, 40 percent of women said they could use it to either spend a week on the beach or take an around-the-world tour, compared to 30 percent of men.

• On compensation and salaries, women fared better than men again in terms of perception. Twenty-six percent of men said their friends would feel bad for them if they knew how much they made, compared with 17 percent of women.

• More than half of all workers reported not receiving a bonus last year, including 55 percent of men and 47 percent of women.

• A very strong majority (84 percent) of all employees report that they were “actually sick or caring for a sick child” the last time they called in sick.

• Roughly 1 in 5 men and 1 in 7 women are lying when it comes to their most recent sick day. Instead, they revealed that they were playing hooky, taking mental health days, suffering from hangovers or interviewing for another job.

Source: Bullhorn