Study: Recruiters Spend Just Six Seconds Looking at a Resume

New York — March 21

Recruiters spend just six seconds reviewing a resume before deciding if the candidate is a good fit, according to a new study by TheLadders, a job-matching service.

Despite most recruiters self-reporting that they spend at least four minutes reviewing a resume, the results revealed that they devote only a fraction of that time. The study assessed dozens of professional recruiters during a 10-week period.

The findings provided specific data regarding the following:

• Individual resumes and online profile details, viewed by participating recruiters.
• Specific items that captured recruiters’ attention during reviews.
• How long recruiters spent viewing each item.
• How quickly their eyes moved from item to item.
• What content was overlooked.

Using “eye tracking,” a scientific technique that implements technology to analyze where and how long a person focuses when digesting information, TheLadders recorded recruiter behavior as they viewed online profiles, different types of resumes and other forms of candidate information.

One part of the study — “gaze tracking” technology — showed that recruiters spent almost 80 percent of their resume review time on the following data points: name, current title/company, previous title/company, previous position’s start and end dates, current position’s start and end dates, and education.

Source: TheLadders