Jobvite to Partner With JobTarget, Seek to Streamline Hiring Process

Burlingame, Calf. — March 20

Jobvite, a recruitment platform for the Web, announced a partnership with JobTarget to streamline the process for posting job openings across all social networks and media channels.

Through this partnership, joint customers can now make connections with active and passive job seekers by uniting social recruiting with posts on targeted career sites.

The Jobvite social recruiting service allows companies to tap into the power of social networks to identify, connect with and hire great talent. JobTarget OneClick’s media distribution platform uses historical performance data to determine the best sites for each job opportunity.

Together, the partnership allows users to write one job posting and market it online in both the social and job board arenas without duplicating work. Within Jobvite, the job description and apply page URL are automatically posted to JobTarget, and users select which career sites as well as which social media contacts and channels to promote across.

When a candidate applies from any of the job boards or social networks used, the source will be indicated in the candidate record for simplified tracking. Recruiters can see the status of all job posts, in all channels, as well as the expiration date.

Source: Jobvite