Corporate Executive Board Acquires Talent Management Firm

Arlington, Va. — Feb. 7

Corporate Executive Board (CEB) announced it has acquired Valtera, a global talent management company with assets including a team of organizational psychologists and a technology platform. Through the acquisition, CEB seeks to create a resource for insight and support on employers’ most pressing challenges in the areas of hiring, engaging and developing talent.

“The ability to select, assess, manage and motivate talent is the single biggest lever companies can pull to improve corporate performance, but too often corporate leaders lack the analytic power to drive great outcomes,” said Tom Monahan, CEB’s chairman and CEO. “With the acquisition and integration of Valtera, CEB is giving them the tools to do just that.”

In addition to increasing CEB’s market share in the employee engagement arena, the Valtera acquisition represents the addition of new employee assessment and selection capabilities. The acquisition also expands CEB’s domestic footprint with new offices in the Chicago area and in Houston, Texas.

The company will also acquire European offices in Amsterdam and Prague.

Source: Corporate Executive Board