Special Report: Talent Acquisition

Too Many Candidates, No Good Fits

Ronnie Reese

Is there a talent shortage or are companies just looking in the wrong places? Today’s companies are hiring for attitude instead of skills and looking beyond full-time workers to fill in the gaps.

Long-term Benefits for Short-term Hires

Karen Turner

To free-agent workers and the companies that engage them, there are significant gains in treating the contingent workforce as a core strategic ingredient for growth and success.

The Skills Shortage

Peter Cappelli

Despite continued high unemployment, companies continue to report that they can’t find the talent they need. The solution might be a simple one; raise wages.

Hiring by Interview and Resume: A Recipe for Failure

Aubrey Daniels

It’s difficult to know from people’s appearance and resume what they’re really like and how they perform, writes TM blogger Aubrey Daniels. So, how do you ensure a good hire?

Why Last Quarter Should Be a Recruiter’s Busiest Season

Anne Kutscher

Most people think recruiting slows down in the last quarter of the year, but Talent Management blogger Anne Kutscher says otherwise.

Alternative On-Boarding: Getting Employees Happy on Day One

Frank Kalman

Perhaps throwing out much of the procedure on a new hire’s first day and giving them a chance to engage with a taste of their work will bear better results for an employee’s long-term happiness, writes Talent Management blogger Frank Kalman.

Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill

Dan Bowling

There are certain traits present in all successful hires, writes Talent Management blogger Dan Bowling. Optimistm and hope top the list.

Don’t Let New Hires Walk Out the Door

Deanna Hartley

Administering assessments early in employees’ tenures can ensure they’re put in the right place and stay there — boosting retention and performance.

What’s the Real Reason for the Skills Gap in the U.S.?

Daniel Margolis

People point to uncompetitive salaries, the housing crisis, problems in our education system and a lack of post-hire training. The real reason might be the health of the economy itself.