Report: Hiring Demand for Recruiters Grows to End 2011

New York — Jan. 18

During December 2011, employers and staffing firms placed more than 3,900 job ads for recruiters and employment specialists, according to WANTED Analytics, a source of business intelligence for the talent marketplace.

The volume of job ads for recruiters increased 4 percent compared to December 2010; 45 percent vs. 2009, and 50 percent from 2008.

In addition to the volume of job ads increasing during the last three years, the number of companies that placed job ads for recruiters increased 37 percent.

During December, more than 1,700 organizations advertised recruiter job openings, up from 1,000 in the same month of 2008. Staffing firms placed about 1,800 job ads for recruiters, while corporate human resource departments accounted for the majority of job postings, representing 54 percent of hiring demand during December.

Metropolitan areas with the highest volume of job ads for recruiters during this one-month period were New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston and Los Angeles.

While organizations in New York placed the most job ads, Boston experienced the highest growth, up more than 49 percent vs. December 2010. Washington, D.C., was the only city on this list that saw year-over-year declines, placing 28 percent fewer job ads for recruiters compared to one year ago.

Recruiting conditions for employment specialists and recruiters are likely to be moderately difficult, according to WANTED’s hiring scale. However, conditions will vary slightly by location, depending on local talent supply.

Of the above five cities with high demand, companies in Los Angeles are likely to experience the most difficulty when sourcing for recruiter openings. While hiring demand remains high in Los Angeles, the talent pool is slightly smaller than average, meaning employers are likely to compete more heavily to source candidates.

In addition, it is likely that recruiters in the Los Angeles metropolitan area will see job ads listed online longer than many of their nationwide counterparts. The average duration of an online job posting in Los Angeles is 5.5 weeks.

Source: WANTED Technologies Corp.