Resunate, CPP Inc. Launch Myers-Briggs Assessment-Enhanced Resume Tool

Mountain View, Calif. — Jan. 9

CPP Inc., a provider of research, training and organizational development tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment, and Resunate, makers of Web-based resume tailoring and job application software, announced the new Personality Analysis feature on

The tool seeks to inform applicants’ job searches with a new level of resume personalization based on Myers-Briggs personality type, allowing applicants to leverage their preferences for working, communicating and learning to secure their ideal position.

Resunate, which optimizes applicants’ profiles to specific job descriptions based on contextual meaning, now integrates information based on the insights of the Myers-Briggs instrument.

Resunate account holders who have already taken the Myers-Briggs assessment can select their four-letter type from a drop-down menu on the Personality Analysis tool. Those who haven’t taken the assessment can take the verified assessment for free by signing up to one of Resunate’s Premium membership plans.

By integrating information from the Myers-Briggs assessment, Resunate says it helps applicants explore numerous factors relating to job success and satisfaction. And, in addition to helping applicants secure interviews for the jobs of their choice, the Personality Analysis feature serves as an interview prep tool, the company says, shedding light on how to position your natural preferences as job strengths.

The personality type-specific strengths and suggestions also provide a way to customize cover letters with key assets, helping applicants set themselves apart from others.

Source: Resunate