Mobile Recruiting Apps: A Gimmick or Here to Stay?

 -  4/19/13

Some recruiters are leveraging mobile apps that promise to save hiring managers’ time and money, but are these new technologies effective in actually finding top talent?

Branding and Big Data: Trends in Talent Acquisition

 -  4/5/13

From building brand to bringing sourcing back in house, LinkedIn’s Leela Srinivasan discusses how companies find top talent.

The Death of the Paper Resume

 -  3/22/13

For some employers, paper resumes are hopelessly out of date. Instead, they're checking Klout scores and asking for resume submissions via Twitter.

Make Employee Appreciation a Year-Round Endeavor

 -  3/1/13

If you're playing your cards right, employees won’t only feel special today because it's 'Employee Appreciation Day.' Here are tips to extend it to the rest of the year as well.

Talent Management Magazine Owner Picks Up Workforce Management Magazine

 -  1/7/13

With the acquisition, combined readership will exceed 150,000 and reach 1.5 million website visitors.

Yes, Optimism Can Make Better Leaders

 -  10/25/12

Thinking of challenges as opportunities and maintain one's optimism can propel the organization forward, writes columnist Marshall Goldsmith.

SHL/PreVisor Merger Latest Move in Active M&A Market

 -  1/12/11

The merger of the assessment companies SHL and PreVisor follows hot on the heels of other big acquisitions in the talent management industry.

Retention Tips for a Less Talked-About Employee Segment

 -  7/21/10

The near constant strain to do more with less creates high turnover and low loyalty. There's one place management teams often turn to drive company productivity in a recession; here are some tips on how to retain this segment of the workforce.

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