Hiring to Win: Secrets to Sourcing and Selecting Top Talent

Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011 1:00pm CT

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Savvy organizations know top talent is a critical driver of their ability to succeed. But at the same time, more and more top performing companies are concerned about talent shortages. They realize their ability to locate and land top talent will be a competitive differentiator in the years to come. What is your plan to win this war for talent? Join Mollie Lombardi, research director for Aberdeen's human capital management practice, as she reveals findings from her 2011 study of talent acquisition strategies to help your company source, select and put to work the top talent that will power organizational results.


Mollie Lombardi
Research Director, Human Capital Management
Aberdeen Group

Mollie Lombardi is the research director of Aberdeen’s human capital management practice. She has surveyed and interviewed thousands of end-users to better understand the challenges facing today’s HR and talent management leaders, as well as uncover the best-in-class strategies, capabilities, tools and technologies they are using to address those challenges. She has written and spoken about a variety of HCM topics including strategic talent management, workforce planning, employee engagement, talent acquisition and learning, as well as the use of emerging technologies to deliver HCM services.

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