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To submit possible editorial content for Talent Management, please contact Mike Prokopeak, editorial director, at editor@talentmgt.com or 312-676-9900.

In every issue of Talent Management, you will find the following sections and features:

  • Feature Articles - Top names in the talent management industry, writing on issues, advancements, products, costs, benefits, methods and modalities;
  • Columns - Talent Managers share their knowledge on assessments, human-resources issues, engagement, and recruitment and retention;
  • Profiles – Senior-level talent management and HR executives offer strategic insights on how they connect business and talent and how they got to the top of their respective career ladders.
  • Dashboards – This feature offers latest industry research in the industry as well as data analysis and implications and suggestions on how to use the data to make beneficial changes in any organization.
  • Application – Leading companies offer an inside look at how they tackle specific problems and what benefits or challenges they experienced as they underwent constructive change.
  • Insight -- A Q&A interview with a new expert in varying talent management functions.

Download the 2014 editorial calendar as a pdf.



HR Wins: Real Stories of Successful Talent Management Journeys
May 15th 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

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Spring 2014 CLO Symposium: Online Edition
April 28th - May 1st, 2014


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