The Madness of Outdated Management

 -  3/21/14

Failure to focus on results rather than face time, and to pay enough attention to esprit de corps, are more damaging than time lost to the March Madness basketball tournament, argues John Challenger

One Roof Energy: We Promise Not to Stalk You

 -  2/20/14

Smartphone-based apps for workforce management are especially useful in companies that have independent reps working on their own schedules.

Tracking Remote Workers? There’s an App for That

 -  2/20/14

Work is no longer confined to an office, and a new group of workforce management apps can help managers keep tabs on a workforce on the go.

Should Salaries Be Transparent?

 -  12/12/13

With young workers craving more access to information online, and employers wanting to compare salary packages to competitors, adopting a transparent salary policy may give each party what they want.

Can Collaboration Be Forced?

 -  11/21/13

According to author Evan Rosen, companies may have to change how they operate to encourage employees to work together.

Prepping for the Affordable Care Act

 -  10/22/13

Key provisions of the Affordable Care Act go into effect Jan. 1, with myriad implications for the long-term trajectory of employer-sponsored health benefits.

The Unstoppable BYOD Trend

 -  9/26/13

How can HR harness the benefits of the bring-your-own-device trend while keeping its most serious risks at bay?

You’re Fired!

 -  8/20/13

Companies can’t afford to keep underperforming employees around — but the firing process can be complicated and emotionally charged. Here’s how to do it right.

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