Verified Person Introduces Two New Screening Products to Secure Candidate Privacy

Memphis, Tenn. — April 7

Verified Person, a nationwide on-demand employment screening company, announced the release of two new products designed to help human resources departments limit staff members’ access to sensitive candidate information, such as Social Security numbers and dates of birth.

Human resources departments have a huge responsibility when it comes to protecting the personal information of employees and job candidates. Job applications, I-9 forms and employment screening reports are all typical documents found in the HR department, and all have one thing in common — they contain sensitive private consumer information. This information could end up in the wrong hands and cause major financial and public relations damage to a business.

To help limit the number of HR staff members who touch this sensitive information, Verified Person has launched E-App and Privacy Cell, two products that retrieve personal information needed for employment screening directly from the candidate.

“We work with a lot of large corporations with multiple recruiters nationwide,” said Jim Davis, Verified Person CEO. “We are hearing more and more from our customers that handling sensitive consumer information is a concern within their organizations. We have answered some of their security concerns with the launch of these two services.”

Verified Person’s E-App allows a recruiter to send a Web link via e-mail to a candidate to complete the order process. The candidate fills in the online form, uses the mouse to sign a consent form and submits the order to the recruiter for review. The recruiter may be set up to see only the masked SSN and DOB. E-App eliminates an additional person seeing the sensitive information, reduces data entry time for the recruiter and allows the candidate to sign a consent form electronically from a remote location.

Privacy Cell is similar in that the recruiter does not enter the SSN and DOB of job candidates during the background check process. Instead, the recruiter enters the candidate’s cell phone number into the platform and Verified Person does the rest. The candidate receives a text containing a special security code requesting the data. The security code is given to the candidate by the recruiter for reference. The candidate enters the missing information via text or may choose to call it in to Verified Person’s toll-free support number.

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