The Four-Step Talent Management Road Map

 -  10/9/08

These four steps will help talent managers create a road map to lead an organization toward best talent management processes.

Despite the increasing pervasiveness of talent management, most organizations have only slight knowledge of how to evaluate the effectiveness of their talent management practices, determine their capabilities or develop a strategic road map for the evolution of their processes. Yet, understanding such factors is critical to drive greater measurable and perceived value in an organization’s talent management function.

The key to improving an organization’s talent management processes lies in evaluating them according to a talent management capability continuum, a graphical progression of talent management capabilities within an organization. The four steps outlined below will help talent managers create a road map to lead an organization toward best talent management processes.

1. Evaluate the status of your talent management strategy.

Begin by assessing the state of the organization’s talent management processes. Talk with each process owner to ascertain how each process is designed to be executed, as well as how it is actually executed. A process defines how things are supposed to be done. The practice is how they are actually carried out.

The process designed by HR, training or organizational development may be different across functions. Seek information from organization’s division heads, as they know their talent management processes best, and they also should have a sense of how those processes are put into practice.

For example, to determine the state of an organization’s succession planning process, first talk with HR, training or organizational development staff to determine how that process is designed. Then talk with each division head to learn how he or she actually engages in succession planning. This will provide critical information about current successes, disconnects or company-specific succession planning challenges: What processes are at work in the organization? How is each talent management process carried out (or not) by each business function? What process disconnects and differences exists across your organization? Once you have the answer to these primary questions, you are ready to move on to step two.

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