Survey: Weight Loss Is Employees' Top New Year's Resolution

Chicago — Jan. 14

Thirty-nine percent of employees say losing weight is their top health concern while 26 percent say stress has them most worried, according to a ComPsych “Tell It Now” poll released Monday.

ComPsych is a provider of employee assistance programs and integrated EAP, behavioral health, wellness, work-life, HR and FMLA administration services under the GuidanceResources brand.

Employees were asked: Which health issue are you most trying to stay ahead of this year?

• 39 percent said "weight loss."
• 26 percent said "stress."
• 17 percent said "exercise."
• 9 percent said "diet improvement."
• 6 percent said "quitting smoking."
• 3 percent said "other."

Source: ComPsych

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