SumTotal Releases New Social Learning Platform

Gainesville, Fla. — Aug. 23

SumTotal Systems Inc., a strategic human capital management software provider, announced the latest release of SumTotal Social Learning, a platform that works to complement traditional learning management systems.

While typically 70 percent of training budgets are spent on formal learning, approximately 80 percent of what people actually learn is achieved on the job through informal learning. SumTotal says it is addressing the need for organizations to better contain costs while meeting the development needs of diverse global workforces.

SumTotal Social Learning provides tools to collaborate and share knowledge focused around any desired topic or activity, from flexible learning communities to content libraries, discussion forums, blogs and content rating tools.

The trend toward more social learning is driven in part by the ever-changing needs and demographics of the global workforce. Traditional learning systems are fundamental to key business processes and certification requirements. However, organizations can deliver greater business value by capturing and strengthening informal learning channels that are now a critical component of successful learning management initiatives.

“Key differentiation of our solution is that we provide an integrated environment for both formal and social contributed content. This enables our customers to have one place for all developmental knowledge and scale their learning initiatives with the collective intelligence of their global workforce,” said Hardeep Gulati, executive vice president of products at SumTotal.

Source: SumTotal Systems Inc.

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