Role-Based Assessment: Thinking Inside the Box

More Than Just a Test

Think of the business as a whole and each team within that business as a moving part. If teams are not functioning effectively, they adversely affect the whole.

Organizations need to know which type of individual succeeds in both the macrocosm and the microcosm. Because role-based assessments are a qualitative form of measurement, they can help organizations determine the best fit on both levels.

“With a quantitative assessment, you’re going to get how much of something there is,” said Dr. Janice Presser, CEO of The Gabriel Institute (TGI), a provider of role-based assessments. “When you’re looking at how somebody will fit in [your] organization in terms of what they do [and] how they behave, what you want to know is qualitative.”

The 10 roles identified in TGI’s assessments are the Founder, the Vision Mover, the Vision Former, the Action Mover, the Action Former, the Explorer, the Watchdog, the Communicator, the Conductor and the Curator.

“You’re not putting people in boxes,” Presser said. “You’re opening up the boxes that people may have felt they were put into and allowing them to grow infinitely in [a] way that’s real [and] meaningful to them.”

When an individual takes one of TGI’s assessments, he or she may read a series of movie plots that have different roles. After each plot the individual is asked, “Which role is most like you and which is least like you?” A detailed report is then generated and provided to the hiring manager.

“You assess in order to predict, and you predict in order to control outcome,” Presser said. “If you want to control outcome, you need to have people who are flexible, nimble and know how to work off each other. If you can get that, then whatever happens tomorrow, you have an organization that will be able to meet it.”

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