One of Spain's Largest Financial Groups Entrusts Its Learning Content Management to Giunti Labs

April 5 — Florence, Italy

Caja Madrid — established for some 300 years and currently Spain’s fourth largest financial group — has revolutionized its training systems through the use of a learning content management system (LCMS) augmented by a learning management system. The new system — supplied by Giunti Labs, a learning and mobile content management solution provider — is intended to improve both the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Caja Madrid’s staff training activities.

High levels of employee productivity and efficiency are crucial to Caja Madrid’s continued success and growth. This is the main reason why Giunti Labs’ learn eXact LCMS represents the most suitable solution for the organization’s training content production and management.

The project — known as “Aula Virtual de Caja Madrid” — aims to exploit, and profit from, Caja Madrid’s as well as its partners’ and collaborators’ knowledge. All this is possible through a special system for learning materials development and delivery that is aligned to market rhythm and requirements.

The “Aula Virtual” project supports a Web-based content development method that can be used by internal and external subject-matter experts as well as by learning object (LO) providers. Since LOs are then managed on the same LCMS and labeled with the same metadata schema, the whole process becomes more efficient from both content reuse and update points of view.

“The learn eXact LCMS solution allows Caja Madrid to organize — according to industry standards — all its learning content into one single content management system and digital repository,” explained Giunti Labs’ CEO, Fabrizio Cardinali.

“Most importantly, the legacy content of a huge number of instructor-led courses is being transferred into the system and tagged with a SCORM-based metadata and taxonomies framework. The same framework is also applied to all e-learning content. To ensure the efficient reuse and quality of the content, all third-party content producers use learn eXact for their content production and management,” he said.

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