Make a Reservation for Performance at Wyndham

 -  7/4/09

Development opportunities and leaders that walk the talk help Wyndham Hotel Group advance its strategic objectives.

Wyndham Worldwide’s workforce development strategies are in sync with those of its three business units, Wyndham Hotel Group, Group RCI and Wyndham Vacation Ownership. Talent management is a long-term proposition at Wyndham, and it’s built heavily around learning and development with open, honest feedback.

Leadership also is critical: Wyndham prides itself on leaders who can “walk the talk.” Kathleen Chiechi Flores, executive vice president of human resources with Wyndham Hotel Group, described the talent management practices of that business unit, which has 5,000 employees.

TM: Describe your company’s approach to talent management.

Flores: Wyndham Hotel Group is exactly in line with our parent company, Wyndham Worldwide. We believe our unique strength competitively is our leadership team that is able to deliver outstanding performance across the world and specifically via our global marketplaces. We know the selection, development and engagement of our global team is key to our long-term success, therefore, it’s a top priority of the organization.

So we look at talent management as a long-term proposition. It’s utilizing a variety of build-by-borrow approaches, including, for example, on-the-job practice. We have formal career development programs. We have coaching and counseling. We have, of course, performance appraisals, and probably the most important, open, honest, regular feedback.

TM: What processes or programs have you established to improve workforce performance?

Flores: Well, that’s the key piece that you mention there: programs that improve the performance of the entire workforce. Since our inception in 2006, the organization has identified and communicated both our values and our core competencies. Our values are: Act with integrity, respect everyone everywhere, provide individual opportunity and accountability, improve our customers’ lives and support our communities. Our core competencies are things such as leadership disposition, building trust, entrepreneurship, business acumen and customer orientation.

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