Lumesse Releases New Version of Talent Software

Austin, Texas and London — July 21

Lumesse, a global talent management company, has made the latest version of its enterprise talent acquisition program, Lumesse TalentLink, available to its software as a service (SaaS) customer base. Version 11.1 of Lumesse TalentLink features reporting apps instantly available to add to the user workspace. In addition, it brings new capabilities in self-service configuration and enhances the ability of customers to meet local business and legislative requirements, such as data retention compliance, within a global project.

The new, apps-based reporting capability brings reporting on talent acquisition metrics to the workspaces of users and managers. Reportable metrics include job listings, requisition status, candidate applications, hires and time-to-fill.

The new version also introduces enhanced searching capabilities, improvements to the contingent workforce timesheet management functionality and a new Workspace Library to allow for easier personalization of the user experience.

Source: Lumesse

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