Link Individual Performance to Organizational Goals

The goal-setting process should be integrated with other organizational systems to ensure it is institutionalized. When integrated with the employee performance management system, goals ensure individuals are held accountable for areas of focus and that managers have reasons to track and monitor efforts and intervene when necessary.

Automating the Process

While there recently have been considerable advances in the conventional wisdom about defining, tracking and managing goals, one of the most important advances has been the development of Web-based systems to automate this process. Instead of old-fashioned paper-intensive processes that made goals hard to track or share across an organization, these systems make it easy to share goals and report the progress of the efforts to achieve them.

By using technology as a strategic enabler, organizations are able to reap numerous advantages. Talent managers and other senior leaders are able to track employees’ progress on goals. Executives have the power to see the status of individual, departmental and division goals at any time, making it easier to manage goals and their interconnections across an organization. Ultimately, technology enables organizations to clearly communicate goal management information and track it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

As part of its overall employee performance management strategy, Illinois-based Rockford Health System has been using Web-based technology to streamline and manage appraisals, goal management and other talent management functions. With its online performance management system, Rockford is able to continually measure and evaluate performance to ensure organizational strategy is being properly supported by individual employee goals.

A Quality Checklist for Organizational Goals

The seven C’s framework offers a series of criteria by which organizations can evaluate whether their goals are likely to be implemented successfully. Goal criteria include:

1. Clear

2. Connected

3. Communicated

4. (Organization) centric

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