It's Time for a Plan

This step is a great place to recruit the help of a performance management tool. It can automate the review process, help measure competencies and develop the best succession plan by systemically highlighting the right employees. Performance management tools also can help ensure better alignment between business goals and the individuals responsible for achieving them.

Boost existing employees’ skills. Organizations can realize huge savings by offering job training and coaching to their existing workforces. This is also an excellent way to pass knowledge from more experienced workers to less experienced workers.

Enlist the help of a learning management system (LMS) to keep training costs down and save time. Most systems allow talent managers to centrally create, deliver and track training programs for the entire organization.

Employees who believe their organization is making an investment in them are much more willing to make a deep commitment. Guiding them down a career path indicates care and concern for their long-term career goals, and establishing that there is a reason to stay in the organization will make employees feel valued.

To help the high-potential employees selected via workforce assessment hone their skills, include them in key meetings. This not only builds their capabilities, it gets them up to date about what is happening in the company and creates opportunities for them to observe roles and learn what is expected of everyone within the company. It also gives the candidates key face time with those they will be working with in the future and puts them on the road to build needed relationships.

To help build their skills, start slowly giving these employees more responsibilities by assigning them some of the tasks they will be responsible for in the future. Make sure to guide the candidates through the process so they don’t feel as if they are being left to fend for themselves in unfamiliar territory.

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