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Norwalk, Conn. — Jan. 22

Executives seeking to transition to a new industry in the new year have a definite chance of making that change if they can demonstrate they have the most transferable qualities, according to ExecuNet’s recent survey of 170 search firm recruiters.

Executive recruiters forecast 18 percent of 2013 top-level leadership placements will be industry outsiders making the leap from one sector to another. However, recruiters will have an easier time presenting an executive candidate to a company when the most transferable qualities are evident and have been demonstrated throughout the executive’s career.

Top 5 Most Transferable Qualities, according to executive recruiters:

1. Leadership
2. Proven success in previous industry transition
3. Multi-functional experience
4. Knowledge about the new industry
5. Team-building and development

In the ExecuNet survey, executive recruiters also identified the top functional areas that had the greatest ease transitioning from industry to industry.

1. Human resources
2. Finance
3. MIS/information technology
4. Business development
5. Sales

Source: ExecuNet

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