Use Meetings for Employee Development

 -  8/3/12

Don’t waste time in meetings. Here are some tips to make every minute count.

Meetings are often considered the bane of employees’ existence. Among the most common complaints: being forced to attend a meeting that has little or no value.

Through a more optimistic lens, however, meetings that are properly planned and executed can actually offer development opportunities for some employees. Here are some tips to use meetings as a development tool.

Assign a different staff employee to put together the agenda for each staff meeting. This will require the person to gather information on reports to be made and issues to be discussed. It will also require the assigned employee to discuss priorities with the manager and allot time to each agenda item.

Development potential: It gives that employee a broader perspective of the work of others; it helps further develop business acumen; and it adds meeting management competencies.

Assign a staff member to bring in and lead a learning activity. This might be in the form of discussing a recent problem, circulating an article of interest (and the leading a discussion of it), suggesting a change in how the group does its work, or bringing in information on a competitor’s product or service.

Development potential: Leading a discussion; listening skills; presentation skills; learning other perspectives and receiving feedback.

Rotate responsibility for facilitating each staff meeting among staff members.

Development potential: Listening skills; meeting management skills; facilitation skills and conflict management skills.

Brainstorm the solution to a problem, challenge or opportunity. Managers can opt to announce the topic during the meeting or inform employees of the topic ahead of time so they can think about alternatives before the brainstorming session.

Development potential: Brainstorming skills; listening skills; influencing skills; developing synergy among staff members; critical and creative thinking skills.

Invite a guest speaker. This could be a customer or a supplier who can address how the two groups can work together more easily and effectively.

Development potential: Listening skills; critical and creative thinking skills; and problem analysis skills.

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