Ensuring Employee Development

TM: How do you use workforce performance data to drive future initiatives?

Little: We have a strategic workforce plan that we do on a global basis as well as on a country and business division basis. We take a look at that data in terms of, for example, what’s our average age, to where’s our average education, where do people get recruited from. We have a number of different things that we pool to look at data on a regular basis to make an assessment on: Is our workforce appropriate for the goals that we have? Have we attracted the right people for us to be successful in the areas we think we can grow in? We measure against that. From a talent management perspective, we link our strategic workforce plan to our talent management plan, and we try to make sure we have synergy between the two.

TM: What’s next for Zurich North America in terms of talent management and workforce performance development?

Little: We’re adding much more technology to the process. Today, we still do a lot of things via our traditional spreadsheets and browser systems, which are good, but we want to add more science to it by taking the Zurich People Power Process, which looks at competencies among job families, to do more predictive modeling of what our needs will be, not only for today, but in the future. We will be able to pinpoint the exact skills that we need to create training programs to be more proactive than reactive.

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