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The key to benefiting from LinkedIn’s talent pool is not just in searching, but ensuring that job listings get in front of as many potential job seekers as possible. This means more than just posting jobs to LinkedIn’s job board – it means pushing each new job opening to one’s personal networks as well as LinkedIn groups.

Twitter: Transient Trend?
Twitter is quickly evolving into more than just a micro-blogging, social networking website. An increasing number of people are using Twitter to search for or monitor information posted by individuals beyond their own personal networks.

There are three ways an organization’s career site can work with Twitter:
1. Allow job seekers or employees to push or share jobs directly from the company’s careers page to their friends and connections via Twitter.
2. Help build a following of passive applicants.
3. Automatically tweet each of the company’s new job listings to the network and get them available to people who search for jobs on twitter using the “hashtag” #jobs.

Ryan Kohler is the CEO of JobMatch LLC, creators of, which provides application tracking software to more than 1,000 employers across the United States. He can be reached at

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