Don't Overlook Social Recruiting Tools

HR leaders are acquainted with the fact that many of the best hires are employee referrals — a friend of a friend of a friend. These trusted “friend” relationships are the basic structure of social networking sites.

In addition, Facebook puts some of the power in the hands of employees, providing a format for them to share job openings with friends on a mass level. This can be especially beneficial for small to mid-sized companies that don’t have an army of employees to bring in referrals.

The “share” tool enables them to share jobs with select friends or, for wider reach, post job openings on their wall for their entire network to view.

LinkedIn: Making the Right Connections?
LinkedIn’s popularity as a professional networking tool is based on the fact that it’s a convenient way to stay connected to current colleagues, people who you’ve worked with in the past and peers who work in similar jobs or within the same industry. It creates an inventory that can be used across various jobs, personal interests and affiliations, and HR leaders have found ways to leverage the site to add candidates to their applicant pool.

Some benefits of incorporating LinkedIn in a company’s hiring strategy include:
• World standard for professional networking.
• 100-plus million profiles.
• High-quality candidates.
• Filtering capabilities for a paid account.
• Effective tool for recruiting managerial and executive positions.

However, HR leaders must be aware of some of its limitations:
• The average age of a LinkedIn user is 41, so it isn’t ideal when looking for younger or non-professional talent.
• Passive candidates usually have high salary requirements.
• Requires an investment of time to build up networks, relationships and to find job-related groups.
• Time spent on LinkedIn per user is one-fourth of the time spent on Facebook.

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