Company Launches Career-matching App

Atlanta — March 22

SHLPreVisor, released the iPQ Career Planner Tuesday, a behavioral science-based personality and career assessment of its kind available on iTunes as a free downloadable iPhone and iPad app. Job seekers rank sets of statements that best describe them, and for $0.99 the iPQ Career Planner will generate a report which identifies the suitable careers for that user, as well as summaries of their key skills and strengths. This tool is a compact, mobile version of the same science and technology that corporations worldwide use from SHLPreVisor for providing the “people intelligence” to help make decisions for recruiting and hiring, as well as executive development and succession planning.
“In today’s ultra-competitive job market, everyone needs an edge to help them stand-out and secure the job that’s right for them,” said Paul Levett, chief product officer, SHLPreVisor.  “The iPQ Career Planner gives users personalized development assessments and advice to improve their chances of success with the application and interview process. People need to know what their strengths and weaknesses are in order to address them, and match their skills to the right job.”
While the iPQ Career Planner can be used by anyone, it helps to pinpoint:
•    Jobs most likely and least likely to be enjoyed.
•    An assessment of an individual’s key strengths and skills, to highlight during the recruitment and application process.
•    Aspects of a user’s personal style that will help or hinder during interviews, or in fulfilling a particular job role .

Source: Resound Marketing

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