Can Hiring Be a ‘Daily Deal’?

 -  9/4/12

Consumers have gravitated to daily deal websites to experience new products and services. Will recruiters do the same for sourcing job candidates?

Despite its plummeting stock price, Groupon Inc. has largely revolutionized the way consumers shop for things. By way of a daily deal email, the company — and many copycats since — has aimed to steer consumers to try products or services that they would have never discovered on their own by offering reduced prices, or “deals,” by grouping buyers together.

Can the same be done for hiring? At least one firm is itching to find out., an end-to-end hiring service for small- and medium-sized businesses, unveiled in June its Job Seeker Spotlight. Presented in the form of a daily email to recruiters, the spotlight aims to replicate the daily deal phenomenon by giving recruiters five “qualified” and “pre-screened” job seekers per day, their version of a “deal,” said Suki Shah, co-founder and CEO of, in an interview from the firm’s Palo Alto, Calif., headquarters.

The hope is that the tool will help recruiters and employers weed through the jungle of qualified candidates to find those who best fit their needs. “Our whole idea is the resume is a great tool to help people find a job, but it’s just part of the process,” Shah said.

Each day, highlights five job seekers in each major job category, parsed down to a localized geography. Recruiters receive the email based on their area and needs, and each spotlight email can instantly be reviewed. Each candidate spotlight includes a video introduction, resume and letters of recommendation for each featured candidate.

Shah said the tool brings great benefits to both the job seeker and the recruiter. The job seeker, for instance, is able to get his or her face in front of a recruiter in a seemingly quick and efficient manner, while the recruiter is able to view and evaluate potential candidates quickly.

Still, some recruitment industry experts are skeptical.

For starters, “there are 100,000 third-party recruiters attempting to send their ‘daily best candidates’ in to firms they think they can sell to,” wrote Gerry Crispin, a principal and co-founder of recruitment research and consulting firm CareerXroads, in an email.

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