BranchOut Launches RecruiterConnect Facebook Tool

San Francisco — Oct. 20

BranchOut, a professional network on Facebook, launched RecruiterConnect, a tool for recruiters and hiring managers to source job candidates on Facebook and build private talent networks.

The launch of RecruiterConnect expands BranchOut's offerings in the professional networking space by providing companies access to a large database of potential candidates. BranchOut has been working closely with staffing professionals and recruiters at select brands during the past quarter to test RecruiterConnect.

RecruiterConnect gives companies complete control by allowing them to keep all contacts and connections made — even if recruiters leave the company. In addition, sourcing on Facebook helps recruiters find higher-quality matches for jobs, which will ultimately produce a better cultural fit since it allows companies to find new candidates who possess similar attributes to their top employees.

How it works

RecruiterConnect provides recruiters with a potential candidate's work history, education and recent professional activity, along with similar profiles and inside connections. To complement the advanced filtering options recruiters can use to network with Facebook users, RecruiterConnect helps companies accurately match candidates with available positions.

Source: BranchOut

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