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Respondents with significant experience hiring military personnel were more likely than those without such experience to say such candidates deserved hiring leniency. However, respondents with no military experience were more likely than those who had served in the military — 93 percent versus 80 percent — to say employers had few concerns about hiring military personnel with the right qualifications.

Respondents who had served in the military, had military affiliations or had experience hiring military personnel were all more likely than respondents with no connections to the military to rank military personnel highly on openness to other cultures, flexibility and creativity/innovation.

Enhancing Employability
Although employers value military service, they may value education more. Respondents said they would be more likely to hire candidates with a college degree and 10 years of military experience than those who had served in the military for 20 years but lacked a degree — 60 percent versus 13 percent. Respondents cited careers in technology — 26 percent — and business, finance or accounting — 21 percent — as suitable fields for degree-seeking military personnel. More than 7 out of 10 respondents indicated some level of agreement that possessing a degree was more important to employers than the specific major. About half of respondents cited the reputation of an applicant’s alma mater as a relevant hiring factor.

Veterans and those who help them transition to civilian careers can benefit from the goodwill employers show military personnel while taking additional measures to improve their job prospects. To improve chances of moving from a military to a civilian job, veterans can take these steps:

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