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Don't Be Blinded By Common Recruitment Myths

Paul Harty 8/4/11

While concerns must be addressed, talent leaders should be careful not to allow recruitment myths to delay business-critical hiring.

Study Shows Bad Interviews Have Wider Repercussions 8/9/11

Many respondents said they would reconsider business with the company and share negative experience with friends.

Senior Executive Recruiting Numbers Up 8/15/11

Data shows the number of new executive searches rose 8 percent year-on-year.

Three Industry Trends You Need to Know

Sharon Daniels and Robert Vulpis 8/18/11

Against the backdrop of a fragile economy, here are emerging trends every talent leader ought to know to effectively engage new recruits and manage current talent.

Study: Finance Employment in State of Transition 8/19/11

Globally, 67 percent of respondents said it is either very or somewhat challenging today to find skilled accounting and finance professionals for certain jobs.

MyStaffingPro Applicant Tracking System Releases Facebook Application 8/23/11

Applicant tracking provider expands recruiting functionality with an application for candidates to apply from the customer's Facebook page.

Outplacement Aids Recruiting Efforts 9/9/11

A recently released study reveals that companies offering outplacement services achieve gains in engagement, recruitment cycle, cost per hire and referrals.

Indeed Launches Resume Search 9/15/11

Indeed Resume provides employers and recruiters access to millions of candidates.

Poor Skills Fit Most Common Reason New Hires Don't Work Out 9/29/11

In a Robert Half Finance & Accounting survey, more than one-third (36 percent) of chief financial officers interviewed said the top factor leading to a failed hire, aside from performance issues, is a poor skills match.

Jobs2web Releases Upgrade to Recruiting Software 10/7/11

Talent Community Marketing integrates with Jobs2web’s Recruitment Marketing Platform, allowing recruiters to create, customize and send emails to candidates.

Will Video Kill the In-person Interview?

Frank Kalman 10/11/11

Adapting to varying forms of video interviewing during the recruitment process is slowly becoming the new norm.

How Giving Can Help You Prosper

Mary Kay Kopp 10/13/11

Corporate philanthropy — the giving of time, expertise, dollars, etc. — can benefit recruitment, retention and employee satisfaction. So, how do you go about it?

Building the Leader of the Future

Mike Prokopeak 10/20/11

To be successful, your company’s future leaders may need to abandon the very behaviors that propelled them to the top. A recent report highlights the global trends you can use today to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

BranchOut Launches RecruiterConnect Facebook Tool 10/20/11

The launch of RecruiterConnect expands BranchOut's offerings in the professional networking space by providing companies access to a large database of potential candidates.

The New 'Office'

Lois Melbourne 11/11/11

Some research shows telecommuting actually increases productivity. Still, certain employees work best in a structured office environment. How do you decide what works best for your organization?

Social Networking Now Integral to Job Search

Mike Prokopeak 11/17/11

According to a recent survey, successful job seekers are increasingly social, which means organizations aiming to recruit sought-after, educated and tech-savvy workers should be too.

Kenexa Announces Global Recruitment Services Partnership With Eli Lilly 11/17/11

The five-year engagement represents Kenexa’s largest global RPO partnership, and also includes Kenexa’s on-boarding, recruiting, assessment and survey services and employment branding.

Swarovski Places Employees in the Right Positions, the First Time

Ken Lahti 11/21/11

Swarovski worked to get the right talent in the door from the start to create a stronger workforce and happier customers, and increase bottom-line results.

Track for a Better Fit

Shay R. Myers 12/15/11

Advance America built a retention program into its candidate recruitment process to address high turnover and reduce cost.

Overqualified Is Good

Amy Bladen Shatto and Kris Girrell 1/11/12

Only when organizations challenge faulty thinking about the highly skilled can they begin to see their true potential competitive value.

When Courting Candidates, Don’t Neglect the Spouse

Sanjay Sathe 1/20/12

When all else fails in terms of relocating potential or existing employees, consider assisting their better half with outplacement services.

Follow the Job Seeker

Frank Kalman 1/30/12

You can’t recruit the best talent if you don’t know the profile and habits of today’s job seeker.

How Well Do You Scrutinize Candidates Pre-Hire?

Suki Shah 2/2/12

Some interview questions may appear borderline bizarre, but taking job seekers off-script can give employers a keen sense of whether they’d be a good fit.

Social Media Gives Recruiters a Head Start

Deanna Hartley 2/3/12

Now you can unearth a great deal about potential candidates, determine if they’d be a good cultural fit and conduct impartial reference checks before ever establishing contact with them.

McAfee: Building a Community of Talent

Donna Weiss 2/13/12

McAfee finds innovative ways to capitalize on proprietary online talent networks not just as a new way to post jobs, but as a scalable tool for prospect engagement.

Survey: Texting, Showing Disinterest Most Common Interviewing Mistakes 2/22/12

A nationwide CareerBuilder survey conducted by Harris Interactive asked hiring managers to rate the biggest mistakes candidates make during interviews and share their most unusual interview memories.

Can Facebook Predict Future Job Performance?

Frank Kalman 3/6/12

A recent study from Northern Illinois University suggests Facebook is a better barometer of a candidate’s potential job performance than traditional personality assessments.

Relationship Building Is the Future of Recruiting

Deanna Hartley 3/23/12

Early candidate identification via spring break programs or internships enables organizations to form relationships with students long before they are recruited.

TheLadders Announces First Mobile App for Recruiters 3/29/12

The app will seek to expedite the job-matching process by connecting recruiters with the most qualified candidates.

Cornerstone OnDemand Launches Recruiting Cloud 3/30/12

The Recruiting Cloud capitalizes upon Cornerstone’s global ecosystem of strategic alliances to extend the service’s capabilities, including resume parsing, job posting and distribution, and background screening.

Resume ‘Black Holes’ Could Be Costly

Frank Kalman 4/3/12

Many employers fail to adequately follow up with job applicants, leaving them frustrated and angry. This lack of communication hurts the candidate experience — and potentially the bottom line.

Survey: Eco-Conscious Companies Favored By Job Seekers 4/16/12

When offered two equal job opportunities, 72 percent of candidates would choose the more eco-conscious company versus 10 percent who said they would not. Just 18 percent said it would not influence their decision, according to a recent survey.

Survey: 37 Percent of Firms Use Social Media to Research Candidates 4/18/12

Moreover, 11 percent of firms report they do not use social media to screen, but plan to start, according to a survey by CareerBuilder.

Study: Short Term New Hire Performance More Valuable Than Retention 4/25/12

New professional and managerial level employees face a make-or-break “race for impact” as businesses demand more from staff during the tough economic climate, according to a global study from recruitment services firm Futurestep.

ManpowerGroup Announces Recruitment Outsourcing Partnership 4/27/12

ManpowerGroup announced a new contract for recruiting services to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The new contract renews ManpowerGroup's recruitment process outsourcing collaboration with the ADF for the next five years.

Survey: Most Companies to Pick Up Recruiting in 2012 4/30/12

Larger companies — those with more than 10,000 employees — are the most bullish, with 80 percent planning for "extensive" or "moderate" recruiting, according to a new survey.

How to Attract — And Select — Talent Beyond the Job Description

Frank Kalman 5/8/12

Job descriptions are written to attract superheroes — or so it seems. Talent managers can take these steps to be more appealing to candidates.

Virtual Environments: The Future of HR?

Eric Vidal 5/11/12

Technology has changed the way we think about recruiting, on-boarding and other talent management processes, but some companies are taking it to the next level.

Candidate Experience Awards Debut in the U.K. 5/15/12

Following its North American 2011 awards program, the Talent Board has begun global expansion of the CandEs, strategically developing a corresponding program that addresses cultural nuances of the region.

Lessons From the Yahoo CEO Scandal

Deanna Hartley 5/17/12

In an era of extreme transparency, indiscretions by executives — such as Yahoo’s Scott Thompson — have a way of gaining notoriety. What implications does this have for recruitment overall?

Aon Hewitt: New York Lowest Risk City to Recruit, Employ and Redeploy Workers 5/17/12

Aon Hewitt's 2012 People Risk Index measures the risks that organizations face with recruitment, employment and relocation in 131 cities worldwide.

Top 10 Trends in the Executive Employment Market 5/22/12

ExecuNet, a business and career membership network for senior-level executives, released its annual Executive Job Market Intelligence Report, which reveals that executive recruiters are more positive than they have been in the past five years.

Five Recruiting Plays for Social Technologies

Daniel Lipkin 6/11/12

Organizations that want to win the war for talent need a playbook on how to take full advantage of social technologies. Here are five plays essential to success.

Survey: Bigger Companies Wield Advantages in the Talent Pipeline 6/13/12

Larger companies hold an edge over smaller companies in recruiting, relocating and on-boarding new employees because they put more money, structure and organizational support behind these activities, according to a recent survey.

SuccessFactors Releases New Recruiting Product 6/14/12

The SAP subsidiary announced on Thursday the release of its Recruiting Execution platform, which aims to create the only complete recruiting service that helps companies deliver business results at every step of the recruiting process.

Survey: Poor Candidate Experience Can Adversely Affect Bottom Line 6/19/12

The experience a candidate has with an employer from the start plays a critical role in whether that candidate will ultimately accept a position, according to a new survey.

Virtual Career Fairs: A Game-Changer

Eric Vidal 7/17/12

A virtual format offers a cost-cutting boost to the traditional career fair. This recruiting platform also increases the available leads and data.

Milicruit Campaign Hires More Than 5,000 Vets in Past Three Months 6/22/12

Each month, employers involved with the 10,000 Jobs for Veterans and Military Spouses Challenge meet with veterans in the Milicruit virtual career fairs as an opportunity for them to recruit without the burden associated with attending career fairs.

TalentBin Integrated With Avature CRM to Expand Its Social Sourcing 6/27/12

The addition of TalentBin to Avature’s social recruiting “Web sources” aims to extend the reach of its social sourcing capabilities beyond Google search and active candidates.

Tips to Extend a Job Offer and Handle Negotiations

Robert Hosking 6/29/12

Finding the perfect candidate is half the battle. Before a prospective hire signs on the dotted line, managers should avoid overpaying for new talent or losing them because of unsuccessful negotiations.

Build a Winning Global Recruiting Strategy

Kathleen M. Donovan 7/11/12

A global recruiting strategy can strengthen a global brand, expand the talent pool and support standardized, cost-efficient processes and better candidate experiences.

StartWire Aims to Bridge Communication Gap Between Job Seekers, Employers 7/16/12

StartWire developed ApplicationConnect to solve the resume “black hole” by seeking to help companies provide timely job status updates through emails and text messages to candidates.

Gen Y's Take on a Career

Frank Kalman 7/19/12

The one-company career is a relic of the past. Today’s talent ecosystem is loaded with Gen Y talent bent on bouncing around and trying new experiences.

Bain Capital Ventures Introduces Start-Up Academy 7/20/12

The venture capital firm announced the launch of its Start-Up Academy, an initiative aimed to provide students with exposure to entrepreneurship and insights on how to build a business and work with innovative technologies.

The Job Description: From Static Relic to Dynamic Business Tool

Robert Levy 7/20/12

Abandon the job description? What's outmoded is not the job description, but how it has been designed and used.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Ladan Nikravan 8/24/12

The current market allows HR leaders to recruit high-potential talent like never before, but not in a traditional way.

Survey: Nonprofit Sector's Confidence Continues to Recover 7/30/12

Nonprofit organizations continue to rebuild confidence and capacity while retaining a significant share of the U.S. labor force, according to a survey by nonprofit hub

Facebook’s Role in Social Recruiting

Frank Kalman 8/7/12

Social recruiting is all the rage, but where does Facebook have the most value for recruiters in the social recruiting shuffle?

Wanted Analytics Launches ‘Heat Maps’ to Show Recruiters Candidate Hot Spots 8/6/12

The new map aims to provide insight into hiring demand, the supply of qualified candidates, average salary ranges, the average time-to-fill and the predicted difficulty of filling any position across the U.S.

How to Boost Employee Career Satisfaction

Barb Krantz Taylor 8/13/12

Employees need to be happy in their work. If they don’t feel fulfilled and enjoy some sense of autonomy, absenteeism and other ills will follow.

Security Clearance Wait Times Frustrate Hiring Managers, Candidates 8/16/12

Despite declines in the government processing times to obtain security clearances, 63 percent of respondents said their recruiting practices have not changed.

Eight Ways to Create a Just-in-Time Workforce

Susan Cantrell, Katherine LaVelle and Breck Marshall 8/16/12

Today’s business environment requires organizations to manage risk related to workforce shortages and immediately tap the skills needed when and where talent managers need them.

Avoid These Five Common Talent Acquisition Mistakes

Adam Wiedmer 8/24/12

Your career site can be an inviting portal for qualified candidates — or a navigation nightmare. Use these tips to ensure it isn’t the latter.

The Buller Group Launches Veteran Recruitment Training Program 8/27/12

The program aims to educate recruiting and HR professionals on the key skills and knowledge needed to address veteran talent acquisition and retention.

Take Employer Branding to the Next Level

Jeffrey Cattel 9/12/12

Branding one’s company as a most-admired employer may require marketing, but HR executives play a key role by focusing on early identification and leadership development programs.

Have You Made Labor Day Work Resolutions? 8/29/12

The holiday marks an ideal time for workers and job seekers alike to reboot their efforts to find or keep a job, according to global outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc.

Survey: Six in 10 Companies Conduct Video Job Interviews 8/30/12

Sixty three percent of human resources managers said their company conducts employment interviews via video, according to a recent survey, up from just 14 percent one year ago.

Can Hiring Be a ‘Daily Deal’?

Frank Kalman 9/4/12

Consumers have gravitated to daily deal websites to experience new products and services. Will recruiters do the same for sourcing job candidates?

‘Wait and See’ Reigns When it Comes to Executive Hiring

Mike Prokopeak 9/6/12

While the executive job market looks flat for the near future, smart organizations don’t wait for boom times to focus executive talent.

Hiring Tip: Look Beneath the Surface

Marshall Goldsmith 9/7/12

Don’t judge a book by its cover — you may end up overlooking great talent, writes columnist Marshall Goldsmith. Look for those who find happiness and meaning in their work.

It’s Time to Rethink Recruitment

Chris Gould 9/27/12

Here are five innovations that can provide a competitive edge in recruiting right now.

Survey: Hiring Managers More Likely to Hire Mature Candidates 9/27/12

Also, recruitment services provider Adecco identified a list of the top 10 jobs for mature workers.

Study: Most Full-time Workers Regularly Search for New Jobs 10/10/12

In addition to heightened awareness about job openings, the ongoing pursuit of other positions is also driven by the perception of the overall work experience, according to a recent study.

Tips to Improve Your Online Candidate Experience

Frank Kalman 10/16/12

In a recent recruitment experiment, some of the nation’s top companies fared poorly, but there are some easy fixes.

Study: Few Have Relocated For New Jobs in 2012 10/15/12

Proliferation of virtual work and personal financial challenges drove fewer workers to relocate for new positions this year, according to a recent study.

The Best Things Job Seekers Do To Get Hired 10/16/12

Sometimes it's the little things that get job seekers noticed, a new survey suggests, as HR managers recount the most impressive actions they’ve seen an individual take to land a job.

American Airlines To Hire More Than 1,500 Flight Attendants 10/17/12

The airline will begin the process of recruitment and hiring in November, with the first new-hire class beginning training in January 2013.

Tips to Improve Time to Fill

Kevin Hegebarth 10/19/12

When voluntary turnover is high, maintaining a pipeline of qualified candidates can be daunting. But technology can help.

SHL Launches Performance Booster Program 10/23/12

The program aims to allow RPO providers to embed SHL assessments into their service delivery to identify candidates with predictive analysis on job fit and performance.

Reference-Check Your Way to Better Talent

Scott Fuhr 11/5/12

CH2M Hill did not have a method to maintain quality-of-hire through its reference-checking efforts, so it deployed an online reference-checking system that offered behavioral feedback on each candidate pre-hire.

Engineer Demand Up 12 Percent in September 10/26/12

Although seasonal trends may be starting to affect hiring demand, employers are still likely to recruit engineers as one of the most in-demand STEM fields, according to new data.

How to Recruit on the Right Foot

Mike Prokopeak 11/1/12

What do employers value above all else when it comes to new hires? Immediate impact.

Is the Fiscal Cliff Deterring Seasonal Hiring?

Jeffrey Cattel 12/7/12

Companies plan hiring for seasonal employees months in advance and continue to remain bullish about the holiday shopping season.

Steps to Build a Return-to-Work Program

Frank Kalman 12/11/12

Consider a program that helps experienced professionals re-enter the workforce while you fill critical roles on a temporary basis.

Build Community for More Workforce Diversity

Mike Prokopeak 12/28/12

Diversity is at the top of many corporate priorities for 2013, but seeing progress requires thinking long-term.

Non-Traditional Hiring Technique Gains Steam

Jennifer Kahn 2/15/13

Asking obscure interview questions may sound counterintuitive, but it may help identify the best candidate.

Most Job Applicants Didn’t Hear Back From Employers Last Year 2/20/13

Job seekers expect to hear back from employers when applying for jobs, but most don’t get any response, according to a new survey.

Hiring Managers, Get ‘The Job’ Done

Jennifer Kahn 2/22/13

There are certain universal traits that hiring managers can look for during an interview that could land them a good hire.

The Evolution of Recruiting

Frank Kalman 2/25/13

New tools and a shift in what candidates value have led to a revolution in recruiting, but it’s still about building relationships in the end.

Part 1: What Talent Wants

Frank Kalman 2/25/13

Perhaps the most important demographic driving this shift — and thus recruiters’ interest — is Generation Y, also known as the millennial generation, those born between 1976 and 2001.

Part 2: The Power of Social

Frank Kalman 2/25/13

Amid this shift in candidate values are the tools recruiters are expected to use. What constitutes a sound social recruiting strategy?

Part 3: Inside the Gen Y Psyche

Frank Kalman 2/25/13

What is the most important millennial value in work? What is a common misconception about what millennials look for in work? Gen Y expert Don Tapscott explains.

Part 4: By the Numbers

Frank Kalman 2/25/13

When it comes to the progression of corporate recruitment, the numbers tell the story.

NYC Best City to Recruit 3/25/13

The city’s educational institutions, training facilities and large pool of candidates makes it ripe for recruiters seeking top talent, a new study suggests.

CareerBuilder Acquires Vietnamese Career Site 3/26/13

The acquisition of and HR Vietnam aims to bring Vietnam's employers and workers a broader range of recruitment and job search resources.

The Underemployment Wave Continues 3/28/13

Nearly 40 percent of managers are hiring more employees with college degrees for positions typically held by high school graduates, according to a recent study.

Most Employers Plan to Hire Recent College Graduates This Year 4/23/13

More than half of employers plan to hire recent college graduates this year, according to a recent survey, on par with 2012 and up from 2011 and 2010.

The Recruitment Advantage to Publicizing Performance

Frank Kalman 4/30/13

A study suggests companies can employ young talent for less cost if they openly communicate their intention of publicizing high performance.

Millennials: Let Us Into the Workforce

Jennifer Kahn 5/3/13

By 2020, millennials are projected to make up half the workforce, but why do they still face grim job prospects?

Win the Race for Talent

Edward E. Gordon 5/10/13

The U.S. can no longer count on influxes of foreign talent to meet skill needs. Organizations in countries that traditionally exported top talent to the U.S. now have robust economies to compete for that talent.

The Rise of Career Frameworks

Doug Rippey 5/10/13

From the post-war boom until the 1980s, many U.S. organizations had employment models based on hiring recruits from college or training programs who were likely to stay with a company throughout their career.

Job Seekers Another Culprit in the ‘Black Hole’ Effect

Frank Kalman 5/14/13

Most job seekers spend as little as 50 seconds reading job postings, according to a recent study. The lesson for recruiters: Keep it brief and to the point.

Five Ways to Engage Candidates During the Hiring Process

Erin Bazinet 5/17/13

Today, sending out cookie-cutter messages to applicants is inadequate. Try these tips to build a relationship-oriented talent community and deep bench of candidates.

The Most Popular Job Search Medium: Online Recruitment Platforms 7/9/13

Meanwhile, just 6 percent of respondents in a new survey reported using social media as part of their job hunt.

How Men, Women Differ in Choosing Employers 7/15/13

Women value work-life balance when choosing an employer, according to a recent survey, while more men value financially stable companies and advancement opportunities.

Younger Workers Most Comfortable Job Hunting While Employed 7/25/13

Nearly three-quarters of workers say they would not have a problem looking for new employment before leaving their current employer, according to a new survey.

What’s the ROI of Social Recruitment?

Bucky Couch 8/1/13

As social media continues to influence the way candidates look for jobs and the way employers recruit, keep these tips in mind to increase returns on social recruitment.

Social Recruitment Delivers Results for UPS

Mike Vangel 8/13/13

Realizing candidates are embracing social technologies, the package delivery firm sought to bring similar techniques to its talent acquisition function.

Technology’s Role in Improving Time-to-Fill

Kevin Hegebarth 8/20/13

Workforce attrition is a concern for most organizations, especially those rooted in customer service, where voluntary turnover can average 30 percent or more annually and sometimes exceed 100 percent.

Most Employers Check Facebook, Twitter of Job Applicants 10/3/13

Most employers check social media during the recruitment process and a little under half report it as a factor in hiring, a new survey shows.

Survey: Health Care Pros Increase Use of Social Media in Job Search 11/12/13

The use of social media for job searching has nearly doubled in the health care industry since first measured in 2010, according to a new survey.

Love at First Profile View: Hiring and Online Dating

Mary Camille Izlar 11/15/13

Social media has transformed recruiting into a process more like matchmaking or dating, but there are a few areas where hiring managers need to proceed with caution.

How Careers Become Voyages at Marriott International

Tom Masotto 12/5/13

Marriott needed an onboarding and career development platform to replace its paper-intensive one. Here's how the hotel's solution became one of its primary recruiting tools.

Tips for Maximizing Technology Investments in Recruiting, Part 1


The first in a three-part series, blogger Elaine Orler explains how technology updates — namely, keeping track of them — are important when looking to maximize each tool's value.

Let the Good Times Roll: Novelis’ Talent Turnaround

Frank Kalman 12/26/13

The rolled aluminum product manufacturer has reinvigorated its business thanks in part to the rapid establishment of a global people development function.

Total Compensation Statements: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Ray O’Donnell 1/16/14

Giving potential hires a clear idea of the compensation package can make the employment case and save the company money.

8 Signs It Is Time to Hire

Robert Hosking 1/23/14

A top performer feeling overworked is just one sign it may be time to hire more staff. Here are seven more reasons for talent managers to consider.

Are Specialized Job Boards More Effective?

Eric Short 1/31/14

Specialized job boards aim to filter out the dross so recruiters can get a more detailed batch of potential candidates, but downsides remain.

Inside Open Cloud Academy

Mike Prokopeak 3/4/14

After attending an information session to learn about Open Cloud Academy, interested students move into Phase 1.

Racking Up Recruiting Success at Rackspace

Mike Prokopeak 3/4/14

The IT company solved its talent shortage by turning its training model inside out.

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