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Financial Benefit Plans Key to Talent Management Strategies, Report Finds 6/16/11

The study also found that 94 percent of employers believe it is important to retain older employees for a longer period of time before they retire in light of the talent and skills they possess.

Employees Fully Unplugging on Vacation Despite High Jobless Rate 6/17/11

Sixty-five percent of employees have no qualms about using some or all of their allotted vacation time.

More Employers Using Third Party Managers to Save on Drug Programs Costs 6/20/11

According to a survey, 57 percent of employers are now using third-party pharmacy benefit managers to process and pay prescription drug claims.

Survey: Formal Paid Time-Off Programs Gaining Steam 7/6/11

The survey results found 38.1 percent of service employers now offer a PTO program to employees. PTO programs group together all paid absences, including vacation, sick and personal days.

Feeling the Benefits Squeeze, Employers Turn to Flex

Mike Prokopeak 7/12/11

Budgets continue to take a toll on benefits. Workplace flexibility, wellness programs and better communication may ease the pain.

Genpact and Nissan Extend Relationship for HR Delivery Capabilities in Japan 7/12/11

The extension includes a seven-year agreement, whereby Genpact will provide payroll, benefits, staffing, training and other key HR services to Nissan.

Survey: Job-Seekers Want a Company That Cares 7/21/11

Challenging work, job security and attractive benefits also rank high on wish lists.

Small Businesses Face Looming Retention Problem 7/27/11

Study shows many small business employees are unhappy with benefits, leading to reduced loyalty.

Numbers Show Auto-Enrolled Participants Save Less for Retirement 8/2/11

Automatic contribution increase can help disengaged participants save more.

Benefits Increasing in Importance for Employees 8/19/11

Report concludes that as governments cut back, those companies that compensate will win the war for talent.

Boomers Report Saving More for Retirement 8/23/11

Nearly one-third (21 percent) of boomers have not seen any rebound in the value of their retirement accounts, 16 percent report owing more on their mortgage than their home is worth, and one-fifth (19 percent) have less than $10,000 in retirement savings.

Employers Expect Moderate Pay Raises Next Year 8/26/11

According to a survey, employers do expect to fully fund their annual bonuses for workers this year, as corporate profits have increased.

Study: Employees Value Benefits More Than Ever 10/31/11

Research from Unum shows importance of most benefits has steadily increased since 2008 among employees of all ages.

Study: U.S. Employers Have Restored 401(k) Matching Contributions 11/3/11

The majority of U.S. employers that suspended their 401(k) plan matching contributions during the economic downturn have since restored them, according to new analysis by global professional services firm Towers Watson.

Survey: Finance, HR Execs See Change in the Wake of Health Reform 12/16/11

The survey by global professional services company Towers Watson and Forbes Insights found that both groups of executives share an expectation of further increases to their health care and other reward budgets in the next few years.

Survey: Holiday Season Delivers a Mixed Bag of Benefits to Executives 12/19/11

Holiday parties and gift giving are sledding into a snow bank of low job satisfaction and bonus anxiety at global organizations this holiday season, according to an executive survey by Korn/Ferry International, a provider of talent management services.

Study: Cultural Influences Impact Retirement Planning 2/2/12

Research from ING U.S. showed that while Americans of all backgrounds encounter similar barriers to saving and planning, cultural differences account for disparate experiences among the groups.

ADP to Acquire Human Resource Solutions Subsidiary of SHPS 3/8/12

SHPS Human Resource Solutions offers services that include benefits eligibility and enrollment, spending accounts, COBRA, absence management, benefits advocacy and print and fulfillment.

Flexible Benefit Service Corp. Boosts Relationship with Health Care Service Corp. 3/16/12

As an HSA vendor listed on the BCBS employer application, FlexHSA Plan seeks to make the process seamless for employers and their employees.

Study: U.S. Employees Making Progress Toward Retirement Readiness 6/12/12

When factoring in inflation and post-retirement medical costs, Aon Hewitt projects employees will need 11 times their final pay in retirement resources, such as company-provided plans and personal savings.

Survey: Employers Increase Benefits that Improve Employee Health and Wellness in 2012 6/27/12

Over the last five years, benefits that reward employees for improving their health have jumped, according to a recent survey, a sign that organizations recognize employees value these benefits and are looking for ways to cut business costs.

Mercer launches Initiative To Help Firms Address Critical Workforce Challenges 7/3/12

Titled "Inside Employers' Minds: Confronting Critical Workforce Challenges," Mercer will aim to provide resources and insights in three areas: taking pension risk off the table, making smart benefit choices and building high-impact talent.

Survey: Majority of U.S. Workers Work On Vacation 7/12/12

Moreover, single workers expect to be asked to do work by a boss, client or colleague more often than married workers — 15 percent vs. 6 percent, respectively — according to a recent survey.

Use of Incentives Grows as U.S. Employers Look to Improve Workforce Health and Productivity 8/8/12

U.S. employers are increasingly relying on incentives to drive participation in health programs and encouraging employees and their families to take better care of themselves, according to a new survey.

Study: Incentive Travel Still a Key Motivator 8/9/12

More than 86 percent of employees feel recognized by earning motivational travel, according to a new study.

Boost Productivity Using This Benefit

Christine Rafanelli 9/14/12

Can’t afford to offer unlimited vacation plans? Not a problem. Here are other creative policies to ensure your employees — and organization — can reap the benefits of vacations.

Average Health Care Premium Increases Projected to Rise Up to 6.3 Percent 10/3/12

Also, the average health care cost per employee was $10,522 in 2012, up from $10,034 in 2011. The portion of the total health care premium that employees were asked to contribute toward this premium cost was $2,204 in 2012, compared to $2,090 in 2011.

Survey: U.K. Workers Least Likely to Ask for Promotion 10/25/12

Also, hiring managers in the U.K. are the least likely to use Facebook to communicate with employees or use social media to identify prospective job candidates.

Most Workers Didn’t Use All Their Vacation in 2012 12/18/12

Just 30 percent of employees used all their vacation time this year, according to a new survey.

Most Workers Don't Know the Details of Their Health Care Coverage 1/10/13

Not only are employees disconnected when it comes to their personal health, but they are equally misinformed when it comes to understanding what the employer pays for their health care, a new survey shows.

Study: Some Americans Will Tap Retirement Plans for Non-Retirement Needs 1/16/13

New research finds that one out of four participants in 401(k) retirement programs will either cash out their savings before retirement — incurring substantial penalties and taxes — or forfeit them to loans.

Survey Reveals Office Perks That Drive Retention 1/24/13

When employees were asked to identify one perk that would make their workplace more satisfying, early dismissals, convenient gym access and casual dress scored highest.

Boost Your Approach to Benefits With These Tips

Audrey Tillman 1/31/13

Here are some best practices to help educate employees and communicate more effectively about benefits offerings.

Roughly Half of Eligible Part-Time Workers Elect Health Care Coverage 2/4/13

Also, the average employer contributed $7,225 in health premiums in 2012, according to a new study.

More Employers to Add Roth Features to Retirement Plans 2/6/13

While about 49 percent of employers currently offer no Roth provisions, 29 percent say they are likely to add this feature in the next year, according to a new survey.

Ignore Employee Recognition and You’ll Be Sorry

Derek Irvine 2/8/13

Employee recognition isn’t a fluffy concept. Here are five ways it can actually drive bottom line results.

Lockheed Martin Awards Grant to Support Veterans’ Workforce Transition 2/12/13

The global security and aerospace firm is awarding a $10,000 grant for long-term development and job placement for veterans still in the military.

More Employers Plan to Offer Lump-Sum Pension Payouts 2/13/13

Many companies plan to decrease their pension risk exposure by offering participants a one-time lump-sum pension payout this year, a new study found.

As Health Care Changes Loom, Is HR Ready?

David L. Barron 2/19/13

The sweeping health care reform passed in 2010 finally takes full form in 2014. Here’s what HR needs to know.

The Death of the Paper Resume

Jennifer Kahn 3/22/13

For some employers, paper resumes are hopelessly out of date. Instead, they're checking Klout scores and asking for resume submissions via Twitter.

ADP Launches Health Care Reform Website for Employers 5/6/13

The new section of ADP’s website aims to provide information to employers related to health care reform through webinars and other online learning tools.

Don’t Leave Part-Time Workers Out of the Health Care Discussion

Jessica DuBois-Maahs 5/31/13

Part-time employees report feeling confused about the Affordable Care Act, but employers can ramp up communication to clear things up.

Most Employers Have Yet to Communicate Employee Benefits Changes 8/27/13

Moreover, only 9 percent of companies report being prepared to implement required benefit changes, according to a new survey.

Most U.S. Companies Planning Moderate Pay Raises for 2014 9/19/13

Modest pay increases await U.S. workers in 2014, with star performers poised to receive the biggest raises, a new survey shows.

To Cap or Not to Cap Employee Incentives

Mark Donnolo 9/24/13

While uncapping incentives may boost motivation and morale, there are valid reasons why capping is a better move for the organization in the long run.

Study: 18 Percent of U.S. Workforce May Retire Within Five Years 9/26/13

Public administration and health care services can expect large numbers of employees to leave the workforce, a new report shows.

Prepping for the Affordable Care Act

Frank Kalman 10/22/13

Key provisions of the Affordable Care Act go into effect Jan. 1, with myriad implications for the long-term trajectory of employer-sponsored health benefits.

Study Reveals Most Outrageous Excuses Workers Have When Calling in Sick 10/25/13

Among them: Employee's false teeth flew out the window while driving down the highway and employee bit her tongue and couldn't talk.

Employers Boosting Efforts to Help Workers Save for Retirement 10/30/13

Employers are increasingly taking bolder actions to help ensure participants achieve greater financial security, a new survey shows.

Most Employees Will Not Take All Vacation Time in 2013 12/27/13

Nearly 70 percent of North American employees do not plan to use all of their annual vacation time this year, according to a new survey.

Survey Shows Regional Differences in Employee Paid Time Off 1/2/14

Employees in northern California tend to use more paid time off days, a new survey shows.

Get Ready for the ACA

Liz Moughan 2/19/14

Control costs and minimize compliance risk with the right workforce management tools.

Survey: Retirement Outlook Improving 2/27/14

About 58 percent of workers age 60 or older say they are currently putting off retirement, according to a new survey, down from 61 percent in 2013 and a peak of 66 percent in 2010.

Survey: One-Third of Americans Are Not Familiar with Retirement Plan Options 3/3/14

Moreover, more women than men say they do not understand their retirement plan options, according to a new survey.

Survey: Executives Unconcerned About Near-Term Boomer Retirement 3/21/14

Only 31 percent of chief financial officers interviewed for a recent survey said they were worried about baby boomer retirement.

Gender Wage Gap Persists 4/8/14

Women earn less than men in almost all of the 112 occupations for which the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes weekly full-time earnings data for both women and men, new analysis of government data shows.

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