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Three Quarters of Americans Will Take a ‘Workation’ This Year 6/30/11

According to the study, 66 percent will be checking and responding to email during their time off. Another 29 percent expect to attend meetings virtually while on vacation.

Survey: Formal Paid Time-Off Programs Gaining Steam 7/6/11

The survey results found 38.1 percent of service employers now offer a PTO program to employees. PTO programs group together all paid absences, including vacation, sick and personal days.

Feeling the Benefits Squeeze, Employers Turn to Flex

Mike Prokopeak 7/12/11

Budgets continue to take a toll on benefits. Workplace flexibility, wellness programs and better communication may ease the pain.

Summertime and the Living Is Easy

Mike Prokopeak 7/19/11

Work-life balance discussions may heat up this season, but the problem is perennial and too complex for simple solutions.

Survey: Smartphones Essential for Business 7/20/11

A ZweigWhite survey found that most firms pay for smartphones, and most employees are always available because of them.

Survey: Telecommuters Happier, More Productive 7/21/11

A Staples Advantage survey of telecommuters also found they were healthier, more loyal and better balanced.

No Office, No Problem

Mike Prokopeak 7/26/11

Unilever embraces a flexible work-anywhere policy to boost employee engagement, save time and travel expense and better reflect the company’s global operations.

Many U.K. Employees Work Through Holidays 8/8/11

A recent survey showed that more than half of employees in the U.K. said they have worked through their holidays, with the largest concentration among the youngest workers.

Legal Issues a Drag for Time-Strapped Workers 9/1/11

New survey from Workplace Options shows workers' legal issues a speed bump for productivity.

Work-Life Balance Is Not a Perk

Sherri Elliott-Yeary 9/12/11

Skilled employees have options even in a tight job market. With millennials quickly taking the reins in today’s organizations, work-life balance has become a strategic talent engagement tool.

Working Mother Media Promotes Campaign for Paid Parental Leave 9/28/11

Nonprofit announces campaign to ensure paid parental leave is available to all U.S. workers.

The Strategic Use of Flexibility

Cali Williams Yost and Donna Miller 10/5/11

Work-life flexibility is no longer a perk. It’s a strategic way to manage talent, resources and costs — a tool to help employers and employees thrive.

Companies Having More Trouble Finding Critical-Skill Workers 10/11/11

Nearly two-thirds of respondents expect their employees to work more hours now than they did prior to the recession and see this trend continuing for some time.

Survey: U.S. Companies Having Difficulty Attracting Critical-Skill Employees 10/10/11

A new survey from global professional services company Towers Watson and WorldatWork shows that the number of U.S. companies having difficulty finding and keeping critical-skill workers has increased.

The New 'Office'

Lois Melbourne 11/11/11

Some research shows telecommuting actually increases productivity. Still, certain employees work best in a structured office environment. How do you decide what works best for your organization?

Special Report: Employee Engagement


In a BlackBerry-fueled workplace, the line between work and life is blurry. What engages employees at work is no longer just a matter of if they like their boss; it's a part of a set of factors linked to employee well-being at home, too.

Flex Strategies Help Keep Boomers in the Workforce

Frank Kalman 4/20/12

Phased retirement, flextime and snowbird programs are among options companies are using to keep older workers engaged after the recession put retirement plans on hold.

What Do Working Moms Want For Mother’s Day? 5/8/12

When asked to prioritize six “work situations” as a working mother, 44 percent chose flexibility as most important, vs. only 5 percent who said they would opt for longer maternity leave, according to a recent survey.

Study: Working Moms Taking Less Maternity Leave 5/9/12

One-in-four (26 percent) working moms who have had a child in the last three years reported they did not take the full maternity leave allowed by their company, according to a recent study. One-in-ten took two weeks or less.

Teleconferencing on the Rise in the U.K. 5/14/12

Powwownow, a U.K. conference call provider, announced a 30 percent increase in its teleconferencing year on year, confirming that remote working is on the rise and moving toward a more flexible working environment in the country.

Flex Some Environmental Muscle

Elizabeth Lisican 6/20/12

Flexible working arrangements are integral to a burgeoning corporate sustainability movement. By employing sustainable and flexible work hours, talent leaders can conserve energy, preserve the environment and reduce traffic.

Study: Middle-Aged Workers Feel Colleagues With Families Given Priority at Work 5/31/12

Twenty seven percent of U.K. workers aged between 45 and 54 who work with other people think their employer puts their colleagues who have children or families first.

Survey: Two-in-Five New Dads Didn’t Take Any Paternity Leave 6/14/12

For those working dads who took some but not the full allotted time off, 47 percent said they felt pressured by work to come back early, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder.

Tips to Boost Summer Productivity

Deanna Hartley 6/22/12

Providing employees with low- or no-cost summer benefits can not only boost engagement and morale, but it can also serve as a recruitment hook.

Glassdoor Ranks Top Companies for Work-Life Balance 8/17/12

MITRE and North Highland received the highest work-life balance rating from their employees.

Bringing Work and Life Into Balance

Ladan Nikravan 1/3/13

See how Ernst & Young’s Mike Cullen is driving talent management deeper into the accounting firm to make sure every employee counts.

Organizations Honored for Work-Life Balance 1/15/13

Awardees will be honored at the Work-Life Awards Gala at the AWLP Work-Life Forum in Baltimore, Md.

Individuals Also to Blame in Work-Life Flexibility Failure 2/20/13

Employers and managers aren’t the only ones able to dictate work-life flexibility. Individuals must be proactive, too.

Survey: Majority of Cancer Patients, Survivors Want To Keep Working 3/5/13

With more than 80 percent of cancer survivors returning to work after treatment, understanding the needs of the working patient is becoming more important, according to a new survey.

The Telecommuting Teeter-Totter

Jennifer Kahn 3/7/13

With the rise of remote workers and increased focus on work-life balance in corporate spheres, is Yahoo’s ban on teleworking regressive?

Create a Culture Where Female Leaders Can Thrive

Nellie Borrero 3/8/13

Today, on International Women’s Day, gain insights into what matters to female professionals and how you can help.

Does Telework Thwart Promotion?

Frank Kalman 3/12/13

The benefits of working from home may come with one giant caveat: decreased odds of being promoted, according to a recent study.

Nearly Three-Quarters of CIOs Check Work on Evenings and Weekends 4/2/13

The vast majority of CIOs said they check in with work "often" or "somewhat often" on evenings and weekends, a new survey found.

Most Executives Believe Telework Leads to Career Stagnation 4/15/13

Telecommuting is an effective strategy and helps working parents, but it is also somewhat detrimental to career advancement, according to a new survey of executives.

A Third of Working Moms Are Sole Financial Providers 5/9/13

About 34 percent of working mothers are the primary breadwinners for their families, a new survey shows, and many still struggle to find work-life balance.

Analysis: U.S. Employers Not Close in Filling Paid Maternity Leave Gap 5/10/13

When it comes to paid maternity leave for working mothers, the U.S. still lags other industrialized nations -- and a new analysis shows employers are hardly closing the gap.

Breadwinner Moms Reach New Heights 5/29/13

Mothers are the sole or primary provider in a record-level 40 percent of U.S. households with children, according to a new study.

Talent Value vs. Talent Development

John Boudreau 6/19/13

How to balance development and performance is as old as management itself.

Bet on Employee Wellness Programs

Jessica Saperstein 6/27/13

Wellness initiatives can help talent managers gain a competitive edge in the talent market and increase productivity among existing workers.

Addressing the Care Deficit

Jessica DuBois-Maahs 8/9/13

Companies that offer employees flexible work options to take care of personal matters could boost morale and retention.

Survey: U.S. Workers Largely Satisfied with Work-Life Balance 9/30/13

While most U.S. Workers express satisfaction with work-life balance, their feelings about taking time off is another story, a new survey shows.

Less Is More: Overworking Doesn't Lead to Higher Performance

Mary Camille Izlar 10/18/13

The workaholic mentality may get results for a few months, but it can stunt employee performance in the long run.

The Remote Reality: Can Working From Home Work?

Mary Camille Izlar 11/1/13

More companies are choosing to have employees work from home, some as a perk and others as a cost-saving mechanism. To succeed, managers should focus on building trust, clear communication and task management systems.

Job Flexibility Makes Employees More Loyal 11/5/13

Employees are more likely to express loyalty to their companies if offered flexible work options, a new survey shows.

Polar Vortex Renews Debate on Flextime

Eric Short 2/14/14

During stretches of harsh winter weather, some companies allowed employees to work from home for the first time. The temporary grant of such privileges renewed the debate on the value of permanently implementing flexible work policies.

What Millennials Want

Melissa Murray Baily 2/14/14

The one thing students want out of their career, more than anything else, is not leadership opportunities, security or prestige, but work-life balance.

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